Medina, Saudi Arabia

Tala is a 4-star hotel project that will be implemented in a 1110m2 land area. It is representative of comfort and quality, offering 117 exclusive rooms and 234 beds including rooms for special needs.

This 10-floor hotel (G+9) is an epitome of comfort and affordability. The design plan includes a luxury rooftop restaurant to relax and enjoy various delicacies. Our design includes a gym and fitness center with private lockers and a pool service available. Tala hotel also provides cafeteria and laundry services for its visitors.

The hotel property is renowned for its convenient and strategic location within the city, it is located on the King Abdullah 2nd Ring Rd, in Medina. Its unique location adds a great value to the project, making it a very prominent and visible location.

The project takes full advantage of the site’s location and maximizes its most prized.

Project Objectives & Targets:

  • Serving tourists coming to the city from all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Serving pilgrims arriving in Medina.
  • Providing job opportunities for the people of the region, reducing unemployment and improving the standard of living.
  • Increasing the investment rate in Medina.
  • The project is aligned with the vision 2030.
  • Providing the best services with the highest quality standards.
  • The pursuit of comfort and well-being of hotel visitors.