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Management, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.

( Henry Mitzberg )

| Owner Representation/PMO

We see ourselves as an arm of the owner and represent the primary interest of the owner, irrespective of the construction experts and the contractor. As your representative, REAL monitors and advise you” on the status, expense and construction quality of the project. It will provide you with project delivery oversight, project budgeting & scheduling along with consultant & contractor selections, negotiations, design and construction oversight

| Assets Management

For every client we apply a unique decision support tool in conjunction with performance reports for active asset management. This allows landlords to identify poorly performing assets and examine the options available to deliver the best outcomes for themselves and their tenants. Whether working across rural, residential or commercial assets REAL provides the golden chance for its clients to explore investment opportunities in the US market by utilizing its partnership with local companies in the US

| Property Management

Managing property in the best way is all about transparency, hard work and communication. We start by setting up the right goals by going the extra mile and ensuring that you have clear lines of communication available. REAL covers all asset types from large-scale shopping centers to logistics parks, office buildings to telecom sites. Our advice and services can be applied to a single asset or full portfolio, helping with the day-to-day running of the property, as well as long-term strategies.