About Reality

Headquartered in Riyadh, a global fast-growing high net worth city, Reality is an extension of our US Company. Our team is comprised of highly detailed, experienced and skilled real estate professionals organized to assist our clients in achieving their goals by identifying unusually attractive alternatives.

Reality seeks out nontraditional projects, promoting and governing investments to make sure proper protection and distribution are planned and offered to all investors.

Introducing state of the art real estate methodologies to uplift the construction and real estate businesses, consistently striving to develop collaborative partnerships, based on transparency and mutual trust, which serve to build enduring client relationships.
Reality’s mission is to inspire a positive lasting impact on clients via embracing Reality’s core values that develop and define the Saudi Culture; showing realism and excellence in every accomplishment. Reality offers our partners the best real estate & construction practices that satisfy their needs.
Total transparency and Commitment in achieving Reality clients’ goals while focusing and keeping attention to detail in accordance with the highest quality standards.
With the professional experience, REALITY’s goal is to deliver on time, exceeding all expectations, assuring high-quality services and deliverables by utilizing the experience of its staff members and by partnering with international expertise.

Why Reality

International experience
Stand-out Projects
Working Method
Focusing on Innovation


Our Services

Reality provides partners with an achieve-your-vision package which includes essentials such as a site development plan, concept images, potential collaborative teamwork, project financial study, revenue and cash flow. Reality personifies perfection, assisting partners by providing them the best use of their properties then begin with the most fine point of a business decision. Upon commencing working on the development package, the execution team is formed according to the project`s nature, complexity, and size. Roles and responsibilities are determined to be executed in-house (insourcing) or via our partnerships (outsourcing).

Our Team

Reality team’s ability to quickly and precisely engage the appropriate resources of local and international experts, each having specialized management functions. The team is led by Ghazi Alahmadi, a professional with decades of global and local experience. Eng. Alahmadi has worked in the fields of banking, technology, engineering, real estate development, and construction. He has received an undergraduate degree in engineering as well as three master degrees with latest being in Real Estate Development.